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Brilliant Bookshops!

Great Pic of BOOKS on sale

As a British crime thriller writer, I love bookshops. They’re the beating heart of the book trade, sending tales and tomes to everyone who needs them. I still remember the excitement of buying a brand new novel for the first time, feeling the crisp...

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Summer Time Is Party Time

Vodka martini

Summer is a time of revelry – for festivals, Pimms and partying late into the light nights. And this year, as I publish my third crime thriller, set in the stifling heat and electrical storms of July 2014, I’m looking forward to book launch parti...

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5 Tips to Finish That Book!

Ashton Levi Coffee and Up In Smoke

As a British crime thriller writer, I’m often asked how to write a full-length book. Of course, everyone’s writing process is different – mine relies heavily on daydreaming, boosted with lots of coffee – so here are 5 top tips that work for m...

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