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I write amazingly addictive thrillers about murder and mayhem, often featuring buzzy Birmingham and the City of London! Do check out the freebies on this website, and subscribe to my newsletter – you’ll receive a free e-book of short stories as a “Thank you”.

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Recent Posts

Lady Luck

Books + chips

My latest British crime thriller was launched in a casino last week. Not the most obvious place for a writer to hang out, until you realise that The Bride’s Trail features a missing croupier. I should add that the Grosvenor Casino,...

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Join me for champagne!

Champers 2

“I only drink champagne,” a friend once remarked. Why not? It’s fizzy, fascinating, almost calorie-free and so pure you’d have to drink shedloads to have a hangover. Although I’d never write friends and acquaintances into my crime thrillers...

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Perspectives & Perceptions

Balloon Fest70

Bristol is a place I know well. Even so, there are aspects of it I will never see – like the views enjoyed by riders of the beautiful balloons soaring above the city this morning during its annual Fiesta. Other authors, like Irish crime thriller w...

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