My newest project is to launch The Bride’s Trail and The Vodka Trail in a dyslexia-friendly format. Dyslexia has popped up in every generation of my family – in fact, my grandfather, although able to repair major telecommunications systems across eastern Europe with his bare hands, could hardly read. No one else publishes fiction for adults with dyslexia or visual stress – now at last, it’s easy for them to pick up a book and enjoy it.

Of course, all my books are already available in a traditional format!

My latest suspense thriller The Vodka Trail is already gathering great reviews! Orphaned and destitute as a teenager, Kat has made a new life for herself in London. Now she’s determined to reclaim her father’s vodka business in the former Soviet Union.

Birmingham businessman Marty wants to stop her. That’s not the only reason Kat hates him – she blames him for her parents’ deaths. But when she’s taken hostage by freedom fighters, only Marty can help her survive.

Click on the cover to sneak a peek at the first few chapters on Amazon!

Although both books stand alone and can be read independently, The Vodka Trail follows the fortunes of characters from “swift, slick thriller” The Bride’s Trail.

The Bride’s Trail starts with a nasty shock for Amy, a young graduate struggling with her job, finances and love life. She’s falsely accused of marrying an illegal immigrant for money, and her glamorous flatmate, Kat, has disappeared. Amy and her arrogant colleague, Ross, start looking for Kat – but a killer’s on the trail too. Who will find Kat first?

Read gripping short story The Gap, which introduces Kat.

Both books are available on Amazon at £1.99 e-book, £7.99 paperback (£16.99 for the dyslexia-friendly edition, which is three times bigger) – or order them from your local bookshop!

After The Interview features three men, outwardly successful IT executives whose weaknesses lead to dramatic changes in their fortunes.  Andrew, rejected for his dream job, finally takes a sweet revenge. Jed’s inability to understand others causes him to lose everything. Meanwhile, Boris takes an innocent flirtation too far, with fatal consequences.

Described  as  “a cracking read” and “the literary equivalent of a Guy Ritchie film”, After The Interview is an ideal read for your holiday or commute, and a great gift – sure to be passed around family and friends! Read the first 3 chapters free, or buy it now.

“Racy and pacy” Up In Smoke turns the spotlight on Big Tobacco. Susan is widowed young, and vows revenge on her husband’s killers. Spying on a tobacco company, she finds more than she bargained for. Boss Tony enjoys the trappings of corporate success – a mansion, a sexy mistress, and an unlimited expense account.  But with enemies who want him dead, how long can his charmed life continue?

Readers loved it! “This book will have you hooked,” one 5 star reviewer said on Amazon, while another decided it was “carefully rolled to curl from the page and up into your eyes in the most pleasing of ways.”

Find out for yourself!  Up In Smoke is available to buy here – or read 40 pages free!

Listen here for soundbites about Susan and Tony